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Every artist works differently.


Patrick’s method is strongly based on relaxation, personalization, and story awareness. His classes are (a blend) half-improvisation and half-scene study, giving the actor a challenging, yet supportive venue in which to develop. This technique builds the trust and confidence necessary for the actor to take emotional risks and grow as a performer.


The goal is to make the written word seem like improvisation. It is rare to find a working actor today without a coach. Coaching prepares the actor to make a strong impression in this competitive industry. Casting Directors call back actors who impress them.

As a coach, Patrick Day has worked with thousands of actors including children, teens, young adults, and adults. His clients regularly appear in films, television, and commercials. For more information on Patrick's classes, visit


An actor’s journey can be frustrating. The actor must deliver the writer’s intent interestingly and truthfully. Through moment-to-moment exploration and personalization, the actor can take the audience on a truthful journey of imagined circumstances. The challenge is finding the way into the character not through acting, but through REacting.

Young Actors Space


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